Where is Yonder Field located?
We are located 10 miles north of the intersection of I-95 & I-26, and are less than one hour from Charleston and one hour from Columbia, SC. Check out the links on our website for Driving Directions to get you from there to here. 

Is there a map of the festival
Check out the “Grounds Map” link to see the site layout.

Will there be ATMs?
Yep! ATMs will be located in the Tailgating, Campground, and Main Venue areas.

Are children allowed? Is there a minimum age requirement?
All ages are welcome at Yonder Field. To do the camping thing - if you’re 16 or younger you gotta have an adult with you. Oh, and if you’re over two, you need a ticket to groove. 

Where can I park my car?
We have plenty of space to park your ride for a couple of bucks. We also have Premium Parking next to the Main Stage if you want to park like a boss. Camping and VIP Packages include sweet parking as well.

Can we Exit and re-enter?
There is no re-entry into the Main Stage venue. If you feel the need to leave the party early but are coming back, you will have to ante up to park again.

Is there a Lost & Found?
Yes! Scope out our Info Booth for help with any lost items. Keep in mind we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Is there a mobile app?
There’s an app for that!!! Our app is still brewing but once its done cooking we will let everyone know where to download it!

Will there be a livestream?
Sorry Charlie, shows will not be livestreamed. But who knows what the future holds.

Is there safety and medical on-site?
Yonder Field is fully staffed! Our onsite professional safety team includes EMS, first responders, and uniformed security.  Check out our site map for our Medical Tents. You’ll be in good hands here at Yonder.

How can my band play at Yonder Field?
If your band was born to boogie, inquire with booking@yonderfield.com

What’s the best time to arrive?
Come early! Tailgate with us before the show! Music is all day here at the farm. Plus, the earlier you come, the closer your parking spot will be to all the action!

What will the weather be like during the day and during the night?
You can check our official Weather Rock at the entrance to Yonder! If it’s wet, it’s raining. If it’s dry, it’s not! After consulting the rock, please remember that no umbrellas are allowed in the venue, so have a backup poncho just in case. 

How do I make arrangements for a photo pass or media pass?
Please send any inquiries to press@yonderfield.com

Are you hiring workers/volunteers/photographers?
We love new friends! If you want to get down and dirty on the farm, drop us a line at careers@yonderfield.com. Feel free to include a resume or tell us a little about yourself.

Can I park my RV or motorhome and is there RV camping?
Yeppers! You and five of your buddies can get the RV bundle. There are no power or water hookups for RV camping, but that won't even be an issue when you see your great access to both stages! Only internal generators allowed.

Help! I locked my keys in the car! My car won’t start! I lost my keys! 
We get it! Frustrations arise, even at a farm party. Never fear, the app is here! Check it out for the number to the local wrecker and lock smith.

Where is the nearest train or bus stop?
Yonder Field is halfway between Charleston & Columbia. That is the closest access to mass transit.  You'll need your own wheels to get to these fields.  

Where is the nearest gas station, drugstore, food place, grocery store, coffee shop, etc?
Orangeburg has ya covered! Check the world wide interwebs for local amenities … or ask a Friend!

Where is motorcycle parking?
Two wheels? No big deal! Motorcycles park in the same area as cars.

Are there charging stations or electrical outlets? 
Juice up at our charging stations in the Campground and the Main Venue. Keep your tech in check… don’t leave your gadget lonely, be sure to stay with it while it’s charging. 

Will there be vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten free food?
Carnivore? Veg-head? Low carb, no carb, all the carbs? Check the Yonder Field app for what’s cooking. We will host a wide variety of food vendors so that your discriminating tastes can be accommodated.

Will there be gender neutral restrooms?
We don’t discriminate, and neither do our free-standing porta johns! 

Will there be sinks and flushable toilets?
We have plenty of hand washing stations and porta johns around the farm. If you’re inclined to the finer things in life, treat yourself to a VIP ticket. This includes access to our nicer restroom trailers, complete with flushing toilets. 

Are credit cards accepted, debit, cash?
We accept all modern-day forms of exchange. 

Will there be a mist tent, shade?
There are no mist tents, but our huge Pavilion loves to throw shade!

Do you sell sunscreen and sunglasses?
Nope! You’ll need to come prepared for a day of outdoor fun in the sun!

What are acceptable forms of ID?
Who are you? What are you doing here? Just kidding!! Valid, current state issued photo IDs or passports are acceptable. Sorry, no mugshots. 

Are the events accessible to people with disabilities?
Absolutely! If you require ADA accommodations, please contact ada@yonderfield.com and our staff can be sure you are taken care of.

Is there cell service?
While we have several cell towers near the property, we cannot guarantee cell service once all of the ticketholders are present and snapchatting. And this farm has wifi! Lifehack reward for reading this: Take your device off of LTE and move to 4G… less people will be riding those waves. 

Can I pass out flyers or promotional items inside or outside the venue?
Hey man! We all want to get our word out to the people. Please contact info@yonderfield.com for inquiries.

How do I become a food vendor or other vendor?
We heart yummy food, and are certain that yours is indeed yummy! You can email foodvendors@yonderfield.com or you can go to our website and fill out Food Vendor application.

Can I sell my goods and crafts inside or outside the venue, the parking lots, the campground?
Let’s talk about it! Please contact info@yonderfield.com for inquiries.

How do I get a hold of the ticketing company if I have order questions?
Our ticket buddy is ticketyfly.com. Feel free to contact their customer service department with any order questions!

Does a ticket include a car camping or tent camping spot?
Buddy up for our camping package! We sell them in 2 and 4 packs, which includes your parking spot and preferred access to all the cool happenings. 

I bought tickets from a “friend” How can I verify that they’re valid and will work?
We all have that one friend... We can’t validate tickets from second-hand purchases, so please be sure to purchase directly from Ticketfly.com!

How do I bring in my medical prescription (ie insulin)?
We want you to have access to what you need! Our devoted safety team will need to be able to match your valid photo ID your name on your non-expired medication.

Are strollers allowed?
Teach ‘em early to love live music! Strollers are allowed in all areas except for the GA Pit at the Main Stage. And remember, if they need a stroller, they may need ear protection. 

Is there a backpack rule? How is it enforced?
Backpacks are totally ok, but we do live in a world where thorough searching by our professional safety team is included free of charge with your ticket purchase. If you don’t want them to see something, leave it at home!

Are e-cigs, vape pens, cigs allowed?
Come on guys! Are you still smoking? We don’t condone, but we don’t discriminate. We will provide designated smoking areas near both stages.

Can I bring a sign or totem?
Keep the groove in your soul and not on the pole! Gotta leave these items at home!

I’m going to the event, but not camping. Can I join in all the cool stuff happening in the campground?
The Campground and Tailgate Area is open all day to all ticket holders. However, after the Main Stage closes, the Campground is for Campers only. If you want to catch the last show in the Campground, go ahead and purchase that Camping ticket.

How much space do we get and what size tent can we bring?
If it fits, it tents! Car camping spots are 10x30 and RV camping spots are 25x50. As long as you can fit your vehicle + tent in the space provided, you are good to go! No buses or U-Hauls allowed; thanks for understanding.

How close are the campsites to the stages?
Check the site map, we know you are going to love what you see! The campground is right next to the Tailgate Stage and adjacent to the Main Stage. Campers have their own entrance to Main Stage venue so you don’t have to wait with everyone else.

Can I bring food, beverages, a cooler?
It ain’t a tailgate without the grub and beer, but the real party is inside! Each of-age ticket holder is allowed a six-pack of fermented adult beverage. NO LIQUOR and NO GLASS.  Feel free to pack your cooler, but since we don’t sell tickets to coolers, please leave it at your spot!

Can I sleep in a car parked in the parking lot?
Sure! In the camping area you can. That’s how car camping has worked since the dawn of time.

Are there showers?
We believe they’re out there somewhere, just not on our farm! We do have plenty of portojohns and hand washing stations, though!

I’m driving separately and camping with friends who already have a camping spot. Where do I park my car and can I move it?
We recommend all folks in a camping package arriving in the same vehicle. Otherwise the lone rider will have to have an additional parking spot in general parking, and vehicles may not stay overnight in that lot. Sounds like a hassle doesn’t it? Best to buddy up!

Will there be a place to buy food in camping, what will be available?
Yes! Our awesome vendors will have quite the assortment of fun nom-noms available for purchase. Please check the Yonder Field app for food vendor listings.

Will there be a general store in camping, what will be available, what are the hours?
We hate to say we won’t have a General Store for our first show. However, the future’s looking good, kid!

Will there be a place for me to buy coffee or get hot water?
We are not currently planning on selling coffee, and we do not have hot water available.

Can I bring a bicycle?
What’s the rush? Personal bicycles are not allowed. However, your friends at Yonder are looking into having bike taxis to help people get around the site.

Are generators allowed in the camping area?
We want you to enjoy the tunes from the stage, not from your generator. Internal generators only are allowed in RV camping. No generators are allowed in Car Camping areas or other parking areas. Harsh sounds make your neighbor frown!

May I have a campfire, heater, or bring a stove or grill to cook?
Only you can prevent Field Fires! There are no open flames or cooking allowed. All of these items are prohibited.

Are there water refill stations in camping?
Hydration is the basic building block of having a great time! We will have water refill stations in the Campground and in Main Stage area. Don’t have a water bottle with you? We hear there are some pretty cool ones available for purchase.

Should I be worried about wind, what should I do if it’s windy?
There’s a reason tents make lousy kites! If you are bringing a tent, make sure it is anchored down.

Can I bring a guitar or other musical instrument?
Sure! Non-amplified instruments are totally allowed at your parking or camping area, but they are not allowed in the staging areas. Maybe someday we’ll pay to hear you play on our stage …. We’ll ask your neighbors how you did.


How do I find a hotel or lodging?
Well would ya look at this! A convenient link to local hotels: click your clicker here. You’re welcome!!

Do you have shuttles from surrounding hotels and lodges?
Not for the show in May, be we will look to provide shuttles for future shows.

Things To Leave At Home

- You furry and scaly friends.  We mean pets, not your vagabond buddies and relatives!  Naturally, ADA pets are the exception.

- Things you think are funny but really aren’t, like noisemakers, laser pointers, fireworks, selfie sticks, etc…

- Things that are illegal like weapons (regardless of permit), drugs, etc…

- Golf carts.  we like golf carts too but we can’t have any Carting Under the Influence so better safe than sorry

- Drones.  Should we even really have to tell you that??


Things To Bring

- Sunscreen. The more the better

- Coolers for you tailgate. Just remember the alcohol limits.   

- Sunglasses.   Trust us, the sun hangs high over The Farm.

- Low Profile folding chairs. Those are the kind of chairs that are low in profile, and can fold.