Childhood leukemia: WREN'S WALLETS

Wren's Wallets is in honor of 6 year old Wren Jansen who just beat pediatric leukemia on Dec 7th! Wren’s Wallets help families whose children are admitted to the hematology & oncology floor at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. In this wallet are gift cards to alleviate some of the burden of a hospital admission. When a family is focused on their child's health, the small things can add up quickly and Wren's Wallets is there to help.

Literacy: Orangeburg COunty Library

A community resource that goes beyond books

The Orangeburg County Library offers ongoing programming for children, young adults, and the community at large. Going far beyond books and computer resources, the Library is focused on providing an environment of social fellowship & learning  that promotes enrichment, literacy, and community in Orangeburg County. They accomplish this through diverse offerings such as  learning-based arts & crafts, movie showings, educating young mothers, providing farmers markets & creating fun holiday events.

Their mission is to Educate, Inform and Enrich the library community. The Orangeburg County Library is a Countywide system with libraries in Orangeburg, North, Holly Hill, Elloree, Springfield, Santee, a bookmobile, and book deposits for senior citizens at several locations. Governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Orangeburg County Council, the Library's primary funding comes from Orangeburg County, with additional support from the State of South Carolina, through federal grants for specific projects, and from private donations.


Agriculture: FoodSharesc


combatting food deserts with fresh foods

Yonder Field Foundation is working with SC Small Business Development and Orangeburg County Library to bring FoodShare fresh food boxes to Orangeburg. 

"The vision of FoodShare South Carolina is to ensure access to fresh produce for all in our communities. This access is currently limited by where people live, their racial and ethnic background, age, income, and whether or not a family has reliable transportation. That is why we have partnered with reputable organizations in the community to expand the reach of this program."